The Importance of Plasma Processes in Planetary Physics and Astrophysics

This conference aims to examine space plasma physics in a broad context, addressing issues which span different fields of Cosmic Physics. The conference will be organised around reviews by invited speakers about frontline research in:

  1.  Laboratory plasmas of relevance to space physics.
  2.  Auroral physics : micro- and meso-scale plasma physics, plasma acceleration.
  3.  Terrestrial magnetosphere physics : solar plasma forcing, energy and momentum transfer processes.
  4.  Planetary magnetospheres : internal and external plasma forcing, plasma acceleration and escape.
  5.  Solar and heliospheric plasma physics : plasma acceleration and expansion, solar variability and evolution.
  6.  Astrophysical plasmas : from the tenuous magnetized plasmas of interstellar space to the dense highly magnetized plasmas and explosive large-scale processes in extreme environments.

Each review will provide a survey spanning the above domains of space research, in a way potentially relevant to a broader space science community.

We also solicit scientists and graduate students to present their views on the above subjects in the form of contributed talks and posters.

Deadline for abstracts: 2007-07-25


Conveners :
Jean-André Sauvaud, Rickard Lundin, Göran Marklund, Lars Blomberg, Masatoshi Yamauchi

Local Organizing Committee :
Helene Perrier, Michelle Bousquet, Josette Garcia, Cedric Hillembrand, Bernadette Marek, Philippe Miroux, Nicolas Pene, Emmanuel Penou, Michel Petit

Contact : Alfven-Conference@cesr.fr

First Announcement (15 January 2007)